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Simplify your closet. Maximize your impact.

Artisan-made apparel for your luxurious comfort

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Upcycled natural materials

Ethical, low-waste, and closed-loop production

Proudly crafted by a US artisan

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The garment industry is one of the most destructive forces on earth.


Most apparel is mass-produced and cheaply made at the expense of the environment, human rights, and ethics.

It isn't necessary to pollute, exploit, and overconsume to look stylish.


But it can be difficult to find a brand that truly helps you align your closet with your values when you want to buy better, not more.

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is the only slow fashion brand on the West Coast that creates 100% handwoven and handmade apparel from upcycled natural fibers.

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Effortless Style

All cloth is pre-shrunk before sewing for easy laundering and finished with reinforced seams for durability. Just wash on cold, tumble low or hang dry and watch your favorite garment get softer over a lifetime of beauty.
ocean cowl

It's the perfect size

for twisting and draping but not bulky. The variation of the blues and purples and greens create such a gorgeous meld of color my eyes can't get enough of it. We'll treasure this piece for many years. 

~ Heidi

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It is a joy to wear!

My long hooded cloak from the Marine Collection is so soft and drapes so beautifully. It is easily worn over the shoulder, displaying either the blue side or the green side. I've had it on since I got up this morning! 

~ Connie

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I love my cowl

and all the different ways I can style it. Somehow the fabric is both warm and cool enough to rock from Fall through Spring which means it gets a lot of wear time. It holds up to the abuse I put it through and gets more and more comfortable every year.  ~ Peter​

"I mindfully weave and stitch care into every piece I make. 

With a commitment to quality and the spirit of ingenuity,

I bring the integrity of this slow craft to the next generation of textile enthusiasts."

Bridgette Extraordinaire

Owner ~ Artisan


Elevate Your Style

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