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Simplify your life while maximizing your impact

Artisan-made apparel for your luxurious comfort

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Handwoven with 100% upcycled and natural materials

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Ethical, low-waste, and Closed-loop production 

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Proudly handcrafted by a US artisan

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Stop wasting money on cheap, low-quality clothing.
Prevent unethical and high-waste production.
Wear a garment that feels comfortable and luxurious on your skin. 
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In the winter I wear my infinity cowl… Every. Single. Day. Nothing keeps the chill away better. It warms my heart even more knowing all the love and care that went into it… and knowing that it’s the only one like it out there.   ~ Ben

Homepage Testimonial

It is a joy to wear!

My long hooded cloak from the Marine Collection is so soft and drapes so beautifully. It is easily worn over the shoulder, displaying either the blue side or the green side. I've had it on since I got up this morning!  ~ Connie

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I love my Cowl...

and all the different ways I can style it. Somehow the fabric is both warm and cool enough to rock from Fall through Spring which means it gets a lot of wear time. It holds up to the abuse I put it through and gets more and more comfortable every year.  ~ Peter

It warms my heart...

Effortless Style
  • Every piece is machine-washable and machine dryable.
  • Easy-care garments for a lifetime of beauty
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Meet The Owner & Sole-Artisan

"I mindfully weave and stitch care into every piece I make. I know you want beautiful yet reliable hand-crafted works of art that are made using ethical practices at every stage of production.

I bring the integrity of this slow craft to a new generation of textile enthusiasts with a commitment to quality and the spirit of ingenuity."

Bridgette Extraordinaire

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Infinity. Lightweight enough to wear all year long as a scarf, cowl, or hood.

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Thousands of tiny threads are plied together to create a subtle and dynamic color gradient.

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This garment is cut from a single, whole piece of cloth to produce the least amount of waste.

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