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Reimagining Luxury

Luxury: a. the state of great comfort and lush living

b. a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself

Luxury and comfort go hand in hand. But luxury is not limited to an expensive item. It is something preserved and cared for, something savored and deeply appreciated. And it needs to tell a powerful story to justify its often higher cost and existence.

There are several other elements that characterize luxury. Raanu fits the traditional definition but here's how we are flipping the script.


Culture, history, and heritage are priceless. And products made with heritage skill sets are inherently authentic, in contrast to our culture of mass production. They are out of the ordinary.

Handwoven textiles will always be unique because they are direct expressions of the artisans who create them. And since many weavers choose to work with locally available materials, their textiles are often an expression of the bioregion in which they live.


A wardrobe of versatile silhouettes is timeless. And design built on simple shapes is ideal for featuring materials. That is why Raanu looks to the classics for inspiration. By keeping the lines clean, the personality of the textile is allowed to shine through. These pieces go way beyond trends and are easy-to-wear items that you will treasure forever.


A handcrafted product requires considerable effort and a lot of time. And within this luxury of time, an artisan can pay great attention to detail. Knowing also that to err is human, and no human product will be without flaws.

This level of detail is evident in the materials and methods chosen for making. We chose upcycled cotton initially because of its environmental implications. Diverting materials from the manufacturing waste stream not only reduces our carbon footprint but also that of the manufacturer as well.

And now we are incorporating bamboo fiber.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Bamboo fibers are regenerated cellulose fibers, so they are soft and healthy for the skin like cotton.⁠

  • Bamboo possesses an antibacterial substance and a biological agent called Bamboo Kun, which repels pests and infections from pathogens. This substance binds with the bamboo cellulose molecule tightly throughout the bamboo fiber production process.⁠

  • Bamboo fibers do not contain a free electron, so they are resistant to static electricity and do not cling to the skin.⁠

  • Bamboo fibers are as durable as jute fibers.⁠

At Raanu, we use construction methods that ensure a long life for your garment. That can be a challenge when working with handwoven cloth because of its inclination to unravel and fray. Flat-felled and French seams provide added protection against friction and pulling. Finally, each garment is pre-shrunk in hot water and a hot dryer so that the garment you buy will retain its shape and color for the length of its life.

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