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The 3 Elements of a Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Packing for a trip can be difficult, especially if your goal is to pack light. Each item needs to be chosen with care to avoid overpacking. The best travel clothes should keep you fresh, warm, and comfortable for the length of your trip. Use this guide to determine which pieces to bring along on your next journey.

1) It works in different settings

While packing, you need to consider several factors like differing climates and destinations plus alternating air cabin temperatures, all while preserving some sense of style. You will need pieces that can be worn on more than one occasion and are easy to take off or put on. Every item in your bag should have multiple uses. And remember, an item does not need to be “convertible” to serve many functions.

Your RAANU garment is the right size, texture, and design to make you look smart and combat the different temperatures you encounter throughout your trip. It can quickly transform into a travel blanket or pillow. It is both a beach cover-up and a beach towel. In a hot and dry environment, it can be worn wet for a very cooling effect. From hikes and picnics to restaurants and nightlife, your RAANU garment will always suit your needs.

2) It requires little care

When you travel, your clothing works extra hard due to constant use. It is important to pack clothing that is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to wash.

Your RAANU garment possesses natural durability because of its artisan-quality handwoven textile and construction methods.

Your garment will rarely hold a crease. But when it does, merely hang it up or wear it and watch the wrinkles disappear. You can also press, steam, or place your item in the dryer for a short time on low to tumble them away.

eco-friendly clothing machine was cold dry flat

Follow these easy laundering instructions and your garment will stay looking fresh while growing softer with each wash.

1. Machine wash in cold water

Your garment has been pre-shrunk, so you can wash at any temperature without doing damage. Using cold water will preserve the life of your color. I prefer those eco-detergents, but any will do.

2. Dry flat

Hanging to dry may affect the shape of your piece.

Machine dry is OK for the short term but may shorten the overall life of your garment with continual use.

Just like in life and travel, snags happen. But don't worry, it's an easy fix! Look for our future blog post on how to make simple repairs to your garment.

Raanu handwoven slow fashion ethically responsible clothing made by closed loop production. Minimalist capsule wardrobe natural fiber clothing made in US.

3) It is versatile

Think of your travel wardrobe like a mini Capsule

Wardrobe. Carefully plan clothing that maintains an interchangeable color scheme and never forget the importance of layers. This way, everything can be paired together, making multiple outfits out of a few pieces. Organizing around a color scheme not only eliminates extra clothing but also minimizes the number of shoes you need to pack as well.

Your RAANU garment is the perfect weight for many different weather conditions. Plus, it can take the place of both a jacket and sweater when paired with other insulating layers. Test out the different combinations that you can make with your RAANU garment before leaving on your trip. I bet you will be surprised by how many you can create.

*Pro-tip: take pics of your outfits for future reference!

Planning your travel wardrobe will allow you to be well prepared and avoid overpacking. You will spend less time worrying about what to wear and spend more time making memories.

I would love to see your RAANU inspired travel outfits in the comments!


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