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Estimated product delivery time: April 2022


The Tunic is a simple design, intended to highlight the textile. It features a  V-neckline, reinforced with a "facing", and a "vent" at the hemline, to allow for ease around the hips. This relaxed silhouette will flatter all shapes and sizes.  


The Tunic Dress is a longer version of The Tunic but with deep pockets and an extra-long belt. 


The cloth is luxurious and lightweight blending sustainable bamboo with upcycled cotton, giving it incredible softness and durability. It is pre-shrunk before sewing and finished with French seams to prevent unraveling.

A note on sizing:

Please check your measurements and refer to the size chart before ordering. 

Standardized sizing is a myth. And nearly all clothing companies base their designs on the "medium" dimensions and draft smaller and larger sizes from there. But the proportions of a person who is a size XL will be different from that of the person who is a size M. That "medium" is often what we generally consider a size 8. These numbers do not reflect the average American body type. I started with my own measurements which are approx a size 14-16 and drafted a size large. That is the standard that the other sizes are based on. Custom sizing is available by request!


Early TUNIC DRESS (pre-order)

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