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Our Values

Our Story

Raanu (rah - noo) is the light of the torch, passed from master to apprentice; the continuity of a weaving legacy. I bring the integrity of this slow craft to a new generation of textile enthusiasts with a commitment to quality and the spirit of ingenuity. 

3,200 cotton threads. All are plied, wound, tied, and woven by hand on a mechanical dobby loom. Plying each warp thread produces a gradient of great subtlety. This is the hallmark of our unique and compelling garments.

Each piece is finished with flat-felled seams and pre-shrunk to ensure longevity and durability. 

Colorways are designed seasonally so please inquire regarding availability.

~ Bridgette Extraordinaire ~

Owner - Maker


At RAANU we understand that integrity is paramount, and our commitment to it can be seen in every step of our process.


We begin with mill end yarn. Our supplier rescues these threads from large manufacturing houses where they were destined for the landfill.


Those threads are then woven by hand in the U.S. without the use of electricity. 


Each garment is woven to size which significantly reduces the scrap on the cutting room floor.


What remains is then transformed into additional product. (Coming SOON)


We don't believe that "Zero Waste" is possible but we do believe in closing the loop of production.

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